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Stumping and Eating at Sylvia's in Harlem

South Carolina Migrant Sylvia Woods opened Sylvia's in Harlem in 1962
In the 1960s Sylvia’s restaurant in Harlem became a meeting place for Harlem local political operatives such as Charlie Rangel, David Dinkins, Percy Sutton, Basil Patterson, and political strategist Bill Lynch. It later became an obligatory stop for any politician’s campaign and attempt to gain the favor of black New Yorkers who voted overwhelmingly Democratic. One began to see more white faces on the streets of Harlem and in Sylvia's shortly after President Bill Clinton opened an office there. After he arrived, gentrification in Harlem started in full force signaled by the arrival of a new Starbucks just around the corner from Sylvia’s. Today the restaurant is still a destination for politicians seeking to identify with black voters. 

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