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On the Holiday Table in the Caribbean

Callaloo (African plant)
Ackee and codfish served with callaloo, biscuits, and fried plantains (Asian plant)
In Jamaica, planters supplied enslaved Africans with weekly rations of salted fish like cod and set small parcels of land aside for their slaves to cultivate produce food plants. The African choose to plant foods from home including the Ackee fruit,  watermelon, peanuts, rice, okra, and callaloo. Ships introduced food plants like callaloo to the Caribbean from Africa during the Atlantic slave trade. As the slave trade proved extremely profitable in the Caribbean, British planters quickly became the minority to an enslaved African majority whose culinary aesthetic dominated the region then and now.  Holiday traditions in some parts of the Caribbean include a table covered with dishes of ackee and codfish, calloloo, fried plantains, rice and peas, and others sides.  

On Latin American Christmas Tables

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