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Christmas Cookie Baking In 1950s Wisconsin Part 2

Sugar Cookies, recipes below
Baking cookies, Library of Congress photograph
Maria Birch grew on a farm in central Wisconsin in the 1950s next to her grandmother’s house. Her grandma’s gifts often centered on her cooking and baking skills especially cookies! “During the Depression she and grandpa housed over 30 people on the farm and cookies served as Christmas treats for the guest.”  As the family, got "of age" and left home they would “request grandma's cookies as their Christmas gift and she was always happy to oblige. While the men hunted for deer on the Friday after Thanksgiving, grandma stayed busy making cookies. The list was endless, molasses cookies, gingerbread men, sugar cookies, butter cookies, spritzes, sour cream cookies, cut-out cookies, peanut butter cookies. And all of them specially decorated for the season. We all participated at the level we wanted, until we were old enough to know our way around the kitchen. Please, comment on your holiday memories and recipes, I'd love to read them. 

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