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Hudson Valley Foodways Part 2

I continued a foodways (a food related traditions) my father established when I was a child. My brothers and I worked with him on the weekend cleaning offices, firehouses, and churches across Westchester County in the 1970s and 1980s. This was a side business; he worked full-time as a correctional officer at Sing Sing prison on the 3 PM to 11 PM shift. We would leave the house as early as 6 AM to start the work. After doing a couple hours of work he would gives a few dollars get breakfast at a nearby Friendlies Restaurant or a bodega as he completed a job. We ate and talked with my father. In reflection this time of food and a simple breakfast served as quality time with a father who worked double shifts at Sing Sing three or more times a week from 3 PM to 7 AM!  So those simple meals became times when my father shared delicious food and stories about his life with his three boys who he did not see much of during the week. I recently took up this tradition with my children when they became old enough to do  maintain the yard and manage the garbage and recycling. They use the money earned to purchase plantains chips, baked goods etc. and in the process are gaining financial literacy like I did with my father. They also work, talk, and eat with me like I did with my father. At the time, I did not enjoy getting up early and going out to work with my father on the weekend. No, I wanted to sleep in. Now the time we spent together and the simple meals we shared with our now deceased father are viewed differently, they are some of my best memories. In addition, I learned some great work ethics and how to eat well with frugality. Please share your foodways story; I’d love to hear them. 

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