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Hudson Valley Foodways Part 1

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I came across the following description, which the Swedish novelist an avid traveler Fredericka Bremer provided in the pages of her travel log of the United States before the Civil War. Her writings can best be described as an early North American culinary tourism, i.e. tasting while traveling. Bremer provides a description of eating habits and contemporary Irvington in New York's historic Hudson Valley in November of 1849: A friend of the noted writer Washington Irving, for which Irvington, New York in Westchester County derives its name, took her on a visit to various small farmers so that she could in part learn about their foodways. “At two of the houses we arrived just at dinner-time, and I saw the tables abundantly supplied with meat and cakes of Indian meal [cornbread], vegetables and fruit, as well as with the most beautiful white bread.” The Hudson Valley was once considered the bread basket of the nation because so much corn and wheat came from the region. Tomorrow I will share why I like this particular bread eating passage so much.  

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