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Brining, History Of A Turkey Preparation

Smoked and jerked turkey, recipes below (image from Caribbean smokehouse  www://caribbeansmokehouse.com)

Brining is an ancient tradition in which people across the globe used salt, water, and spices to conserve meat long ago before the advent of refrigeration. It’s submerging the turkey in a bucket with a ratio of iced water, salt, and spices. The process of osmosis hydrates the turkey meat making the final result delightfully seasoned and juicy (see video links to brining and recipes below).  Brining reduces the cooking time to about 2 hours, seasons the meat, and produces a tender and moist turkey that melts in your mouth. Another preparation is a southern family recipe that uses a pillowcase to make a seasoned juicy bird. Have a great turkey day and remember your bird is ready when it's cooked to a 165 degrees! 

Delta Pillowcase Turkey:

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