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A Foodies' Delusions of Graduate School Grandeur

Malcolm X taking a photo of Mohammad Ali, at a restaurant,  related recipes below
I recently had a conversation with a student here at Babson college, which is a business school, who will be graduating in May. Her dilemma was that she had come to the conclusion that she had a burning passion to teach literature and not enter the business world. She heard me make a comment about teaching people how to be good teachers at an event celebrating the work of her and other students who taught a no credit courses this semester here at Babson. Afterward she and I talked about her goals and I how how as a education major returned to school to earn a PhD so that I could  teach history at the college level. The conversation reminded me of the time  I came across my GRE scores from 1991 while cleaning out files last year. I had an extremely low GRE verbal score (380) yet a list of elite institution I hoped to attend; I had no contact with reality and allot of delusions of graduate school grandeur. As a prof now, I've seen undergrads who I work with both over and under estimate of their academic record. Back then I aspired to be a Christian version of Malcolm X. Like Malcolm I always had a book or two on hand to read and I was constantly consuming National Public Radio keeping up to date on world events (Malcolm read papers but people like me with ADD do allot better with an oratory consumption of the news). My list of graduate schools in the fall of 1991 included Union Theological, Yale Divinity and history programs at Columbia, Princeton, Berkley, Duke, Howard, Maryland, and Syracuse. In reflection, all these graduate programs were grand cannon reaches for my academic record—I just didn’t know it then. During my second time trying to get into PhD programs I had learned the importance of communicating with potential advisors. One does so because they will serve as your advocate and intellectual personal training for the next five to seven years of your life. You need to know early on in the process if there is flow or not between you and a potential advisor.

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