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Stumping And Eating in New Hampshire

Rum raisin French toast, recipes below (photo from http://www.looplane.com)
During the Republican Party’s national convention in Florida this week we return to our series stumping and eating which looks at the role of food in the 2012 Race to the White House. Today let's talk about campaigning in the swing state of New Hampshire. Campaigning in the state during the summer months means attending lots of lobster bakes, clam bakes, and ice cream socials. Candidates stop for ice cream and at bakeries but most often local party activist suggest the best venues for breakfast with voters.  During the primaries I found stumping and eating breakfast events in New Hampshire at the Old Salt Restaurant in Hampton, Coach Stop Restaurant in Londonderry, The Friendly Toast and Geno’s Chowder and Sandwich Shop in Portsmouth, Joey’s in Amherst, Bonhoeffer’s Café in Nashua, the Country Cooking Circle in Epsom, Lindy’s Diner in Keene, the Village Inn in Bedford, Lena’s Lodge in Rindge, and Weeks Restaurant in downtown Dover just to name a few. Activist also held breakfast event in private homes, political clubs, and civic institutions such as Rotary and or Lions clubs. I am not sure if a Politics and Eggs Breakfast event is a distinctly New Hampshire institution, but from all accounts it’s a necessity to win the state. A typical New Hampshire breakfast might include smoked bacon, ham and salmon, farm fresh eggs, French toast, jams, breads and muffins.

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