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Potatoes as Camping Food As a Long History

The word 

potato comes from the Quechua language used in the Inca empire 

I'm starting a new series today on camping food. A segment on the BBC Food Program on camping served as the inspiration. When I searched my records using the term camp or camping I found that I had an abundance of information and sources! I will be sharing those with you and related recipes this week. Speaking of an encounter in Pennsylvania in 1775 British Colonel James Smith writes, “Sometime in the afternoon we came to a large camp of Wyandots” who  “gave us a kind of rough brown potatoes which grew spontaneously and were called by the Caughewagas


. These potatoes, peeled and dipped in raccoon’s fat, taste nearly like our sweet potatoes.” Potatoes come South America and term potato comes from the Quechua language of the Inca for the word papa. In North America  brown potatoes grew wild served as a camp staple among members of the Iroquois nation. 

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