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The Fiscal Cliff and the Scoop on FDR

FDR cabinet member Marvin Mcintyre receiving a huge ice cream cake from the International Association of Ice Cream Manufacturers at the White House, 1937 (Courtesy of the Library of Congress) recipes below.

 Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt presided over the worse economic recession in the history of the country and he often entered heated debates with members of the GOP over government spending. Particularly, spending on his New Deal policies. Similarly, President Obama and GOP lawmakers are locked in high steaks negotiation over budget cuts, raising taxes, and the country’s debt limit. Perhaps if the president, the speaker of the house, or another party leader brought a huge ice cream cake like one pictured above to the negotiations, they could put a freeze on the current hostile language between the two parties and branches of government and come up with a sweet deal all sides could stomach. 

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