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Nutrition Month: A Foodie's Memoir

I've been reflecting on my days in grad school and talking about eating while poor and the debates around nutrition, food aid, and education. Similar debates about nutrition and public policy have been in the news recently. For example, celebrity Chief Jamie Oliver recently called for reforms in the LA public school district’s school lunch program and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has championed the reduction of statured fats and sugar in the big apple particularly targeting restaurants, public school vending machines, and school cafeteria menus. Last year Bloomberg banned the use of city distributed food stamps for the purpose of sugary drinks. Here’s my suggestion to public officials related to food stamps and nutrition: Why not link a healthy food shopper’s education course to getting on the list of food stamp recipients the same way some states require a driver’s education course before you can receive a learners permit to drive a car? There are people doing excellent work on providing fresh produce to impoverished communities. One of my heroes is Will Allen and his work at Growing Power. Check out the video and other links below.

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