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Feasting in Guatemala City: Rey Sol

Saucy barbecued cran-apricot pork chops, recipes below

So it’s mid December 1997 and I am in Retalhuleu, Guatemala as doctoral student in history from Syracuse University trying to do archival research. At the time I was in the words of my father, courting, my wife Tina. My food, living, and working conditions are based on the love letters I sent to her and she saved. After a week in Retalhuleu I learn there is no local government archives and prepare to relocate to Guatemala City the home of the national archives. Don Tirso’s son, the man who responded to my virtual call for assistants in my work when I was state side, had a girl friend in Guatemala City and he offered to give me a ride there. I packed my belongings said my goodbyes. I appreciated the hospitality at the home where I rented a room in Retalhuleu until I arrived in Guatemala City on a Saturday. I found a room Hotel Spring located at 8a Avenida in Zona (zone) 1. The hotel afforded me the first good night sleep in a week without sweating, mosquitoes, and the other part about Retalhuleu, that I forgot, people lighting firecrackers all night. On Monday I went to check out a vegetarian restaurant I found in my Lonely Planet guide book named Rey Sol (Sun King) just walking distant to my hotel and just across the street from the Archivo Nacional and the Parque Centenario. Rey Sol had excellent food and great service. The restaurant has plenty of sitting, a complete, breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. One can order, fruit smoothies and they have a large selection of vegan baked goods made with whole grains and natural sweeteners. They feature all kinds of soy based vegan meats including excellent tamales made with soy turkey meat. I had pork chops made from soya; they looked just like pork chops and tasted great! I wrote at the time, “I’m in vegetarian heaven!”

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