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Feasting in Guatemala City: Part 2 Fresh Fruit and Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls, recipes below

Field work in Guatemala City 1997 as a doctoral student in history: After I settled in at the Hotel Spring and I learned the daily rate at the room, I realized that the journalist in Retalhuleu who arranged room and board for me at his wife’s home had ripped me off with his wife charging me far more than I should have for the ram shackled room I rented and the food I tolerated. I had arrived in Guatemala City around December 15. After breakfast at Rey Sol on my Monday in the city I went to the Archivo Nacíonal excited about doing research. I found a note posted on the front door announcing the archive was closed for the Christmas holiday until about January 5. I was shocked! I returned to the United States to do additional research in the National Archives in College Park until the archives in Guatemala reopened. I returned in mid January and got into a pattern that worked well for me. In the morning I purchased 25 cents worth some of the sweetest tasting fruit I’ve ever had.  I would proceed another three blocks and purchase a large, delicious, and filling cinnamon roll sweetened without sugar at Rey Sol the veggie restaurant near the archive. The cinnamon roll cost me about 50 cents; in the states it would have been about $1.75. This was my morning breakfast routine here are some related recipes below tomorrow I delve into the lunch scene in Guatemala City at a place called Toa.

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