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Jimi Hendrix Through the Lens of Food

Brunswick stew, recipes below (Photo from http://veganthyme.blogspot.com/ 
Guitarist Jimi Hendrix grew up in 1940s Seattle Washington with the musical influences of black neighborhood block parties and a black Pentecostal church. Moreover Little Richard's family home was just down the street from Hendrix and Hendrix both knew him and later copied is outlandish on stage style. After a stint in the military Hendrix started his music career playing for different bands on the Chitlin Circuit in the early 1960s. Hendrix used the stage name Maurice James “played with everybody who was anybody on the” the circuit writes Musicologist Oscar J. Jordan III including the Isley Brothers, Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, BB King, and Little Richard. The Chitlin’ Circuit was crucial to artists like Hendrix because it was the only way to perform for their fans during a period when the white largely ignored black artist. Here is a recipe for Brunswick stew which I imagine as Chitin circuit menu item.

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Traditional Brunswick Stew Recipe: http://itjustdawnedonme.com/?p=258

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