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MLK Through The Lens of Food Part 1: Feed the Preacher

Sweet potato cobbler, recipe below
Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr's (MLK) Birthday. For me MLK, the black church, Atlanta, and Morehouse College are synonymous. MLK’s father, “Daddy King” was a prominent black preacher in Atlanta, the Black Southern Baptist Convention, and nationally. As such MLK and his family spent a lot of Sundays as the dinner guest of a member of his father’s congregation or that of another congregation when he was an invited speaker, “every family was expected to feed the preacher at least once during the year” writes  Joyce White who grew up in Alabama in the 1940s across the borders from MLK's native Georgia.  These great down home meals included various dishes ranging from roast pork, rice with gravy, fried chicken, stewed tomatoes, corn, macaroni and cheese, biscuits, corn bread, okra, and you had to leave room for a great dessert. Here is a sweet potato recipe that I’ve hear is sensational:

MLK the College Student in a 1947 op-ed: http://www.mlkonline.net/the-purpose-of-education.html

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