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Food Rebel Jack Lalanne Part 1

Correctly most people associate Lalanne with exercise and fitness (grew up watching him do his thing in his body suit on TV in the 1970s) but he was also what I call a food rebel. Like Dr. Alvenia Fulton, Lalanne was one of the early pioneers in the good food movement. Born in 1914 in San Fransico, Lalanne converted to healthy eating after hearing nutrition guru Paul C. Bragg give a lecture.  Lalanne’s had been15 at the time, had a diet of junk food, and he had recently dropped out of high school. Bragg inspired Lalanne to transform is diet and start exercising. Thereafter he advocated eating hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal, soy milk, and fresh fruit for breakfast and for lunch and dinner foods such as raw vegetable salads, egg whites, fish high in omega 3s like salmon and drinking a glass of red wine. Overtime he transformed his body from skinny and out of shape to a rock hard physique. 

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Food Rebel Jack Lalanne Part 2

Puerto Rican Agricultural Laborers in the 1950s

Puerto Rican Agricultural Laborers in the 1950s