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Christmas Foodway Series: A Southern Christmas Without Chow-Chow?

Chow-Chow, recipes below
Maya Angelou’s grandmother operated a country store in Stamps, Arkansas. Angelou’s grandmother used a combination of store profits, bartering, subsistence farming, canning, and the preparation of nitty-gritty good-tasting food to survive the Depression with dignity. Angelou and others I read expressed the view that a Christmas feast in the south would not be considered complete without chow-chow. My Grandma Opie from Cloverdale Virginia kept a bottle of chow-chow on the shelf of her refrigerator door. Chow-chows or chutneys are sweet and spicy hot pickled and canned end of the season garden produce. They most made with green and red tomatoes but some contain okra, carrots, onions, cabbage, beets or more and of course you can make them with fruits to for a sweet and savory taste. Chow-chows are served with or on black-eyed peas or pinto beans, corn bread, and meats to spice up the meal. Here are some chow-chow recipes to spice up your Christmas meal.

Chutney/Chow-chow recipes: http://www.armadillopeppers.com/Chow_Chow_Relish_Recipes.html

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