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Thanksgiving Day Series: Thanks For Acts of Kindness

Great Depression era bread and soup line

As an adult, my Dad Fred Opie Jr. made regular donations to the Salvation Army as thanks for the acts of kindness they showed to his family during the Great Depression, especially around Thanksgiving. “If it wasn’t for the Salvation Army, my family would have never survived the Depression,” he once told me. My Dad’s sister added that during World War II, “I can remember [the Salvation Army] knocking on the door, and they would bring us food for Thanksgiving . . . .” The Salvation Army is a London based ministry that William Booth started in 1865 to reach out to the poor in London. I encourage everyone to give your money and or your time to similar organizations dedicated to helping people who are unemployed and underemployed. Many organizations helping those in need have seen drastically increased demands for their services while the economic recession continues. Here are some links below that can help you learn more and how to help this Thanksgiving.




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