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Stumping and Eating in Wisconsin

Mushroom risotto, recipes below
Tomorrow is the Republican primary in the state of Wisconsin. Republican voters in there are mobilized in that state like no other state in the country with the exception of perhaps Ohio. The GOP governors in the state of Wisconsin and Ohio created a standoff last summer when they decided to introduce an initiative that would significantly affect the collective bargaining rights of public employee unions including the organizations that represent police officers and firefighters. The initiative failed and Ohio and has led to a recall movement against the Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Both opponents and supporters of the recall in Wisconsin are spending lots of money and working overtime to get voter to support their positions and in the upcoming recall elections  In the midst of this is the Republican presidential primary which has taken a back seat to the recall campaign. As a result, each of the candidate is trying to align itself with Walker who as strong support from an energized and mobilized republican base. The  candidate who can best prove to voters that he's like Walker will get the most votes in tomorrow's primary election. This reminds me of state wide campaigns during the Great Depression when candidates running for office tried to associate themselves with  President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) who established emergency food stations in communities facing imminent starvation. In 1938 the staff of an emergency food station in Ohio, passed out oranges, apples, and a pound of rice to starving residents. Food relief both helped communities facing starvation and they also got out the vote for the candidates who established strong affiliation with FDR (See the Related Recipe Mushroom risotto recipe below related  to  one of the ingredients distributed as food aid during the Depression).  Love to hear from readers on the roll food is playing Wisconsin politics and related events and recipes.

Recall Politics and The GOP Primary in Wisconsin: [Listen 4 min 26 sec] http://www.npr.org/2012/03/29/149627310/in-wisconsin-recall-politics-overshadow-primary

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