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Care Packages and Confederate Soldiers During The Civil War

Southern fried chicken, recipes below
As we shall learn later, during the civil war the sweeteners representative one of the food items in highest demands along with vegetables. Believe it or not soldiers on occasion received care packages of a sort from home, more than likely these came from wealthy families. Among confederates soldiers and their families, care packages representative an early war years phenomena particularly in and around Richmond, Virginia the capital of the confederacy. Southern fried chicken, a delicacy among almost all sectors of the south, arrived quite often to the soldiers stationed near Richmond. One story goes that a wealthy southerner from Mecklenburg County, Virginia, shipped some 300 live fowls to troops stationed in Jamestown Virginia. How to make really good fried chicken may seem intuitive to those of you who are comfortable in the kitchen. But I regularly meet folks who are not and they appreciate the recipes like these below for fried chicken.

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