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Back to School Series, North Carolina

Pulled barbecue pork sandwich with sauce, recipe below 
Founded in 1909, North Carolina Central University (NCCU), is an HBCU not far from Duke University in the city of Durham, North Carolina. NCCU was the state’s first liberal arts college for African Americans and it is located in Pettigrew an African American community in Durham. Parrish Street in Downtown Durham gained the name Black Wall Street because of the number of prosperous black owned businesses there including the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company. Thriving African American businesses built a strong middle class in the town made of business titans and professors at NCCU. Two favorite restaurants of NCCU students in the 1950s were “Our Campus Grill” located on the campus of NCCU and the “Off Campus Grill” in the heart of Durham’s African American community. Both restaurants specialized in burgers and barbecue. 

Back to School Series: Bigger, Fatter, Slower

"Telling them about the Dream Martin, Tell Them about the Dream"