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Two Old Culinary Traditions

Coconut ice cream with raspberry, this and other recipes below
I started the tradition of picking wild berries in the summer with my children about five years ago. I grew up doing that has a in New York's Hudson River Valley. Foraging for food has a old cross cultural culinary tradition that commoners have practiced around the globe for centuries. At a very young age, commoners learned how to live off the land. I encourage parents to take some time and learn from specialist in your area and or from books about what you can forage in your area. Then start a healthy family tradition like picking fresh berries and serving them over ice cream. By the way, making home made ice cream also has a old cross cultural tradition. 

Coconut Ice Cream with Raspberries Recipe: http://tofufortwo.net/2008/08/13/coconut-ice-cream-with-raspberry/

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