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Who Prepares Your Meal?

Liberian palava sauce, traditional and vegan recipes below

The English Naval officer, explorer, and opponent of the African slave trade, William Allen (1792-1864) traveled to West Africa in 1841. Speaking of food production on the southeast end of the coast of Liberia he observed the Krumen people cultivated principally rice, corn, plantains, and they fished. These ingredients represented central components of most meals in addition to vegetables, herbs, spices, palm oil, and occasional meat as seasoning. My first job out of graduate school was in the history Department at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia from 2000 to 2003. My department chair was a Liberian. He would bring Liberian dishes for lunch eating  them up in the office microwave located in the same room where are department faculty mail boxes were located. He married a southern African American and I often wondered who cooked his food? Here are recipes for palava sauce which is a classic Liberian dish popular in other parts of West Africa too. 

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