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Lenten Season Series: Food is “among the major recreations of Bahía”

A Bahian shrimp gumbo called carurú, recipe below 
“Food must also be considered among the major recreations of Bahía,” says Vera Kelsey about Brazil’s most African influenced region where Yoruba culture from West Africa is clearly seen in the region's music and food. A trained sociologist and writer, Kelsey (1891-1961) traveled extensively in Central and South America in the 1940s and published several books on Brazil (her papers are archived at the North Dakota State University library). Kelsey writes, “And here particularly are served the rich dishes imported long ago from Portugal’s cuisine, and many more of African origin” such as the Bahian fish gumbo called “carurú” made with okra, and African plant, peanuts, cashews, “dried shrimps, peppers, and other spices,” which is a “notable dish” in Kelsey’s words. Here is a recipe below.

Caruru-de-camarao recipe: http://www.mangerati.com/caruru-de-camarao

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