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Street Venders in Nineteenth Century Rio, Brazil

Street vender of plantains in nineteenth century Brazil 
Coarse sea salted marinated and pan fried sardines, recipes below

We starting a new series on street venders. August is that time of the year when many folk go on vacation, travel, and eat food sold in tourist areas and food markets. The Parisian Adèle Toussaint-Samson (1826-1886) traveled to Rio, Brazil in the early 1850s where chronicled her observations about Brazilian foodways including street food. She provides a wonderful description of a fish market and female Afro-Brazilian street vender near the market selling “smoking batatas doces [sweet potato dish], fried sardines, and some angú” (manioc flour gravy) under a large linen umbrella. Here are two Brazilian sardine recipes appropriate for this nineteenth century Brazilian street vending memory.

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