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Moorish Contributions to Barbecue

Moroccan-Salmon with sweet and spicy barbecue sauce, recipe below
In my book Hog and Hominy I talk about how the Moors introduced a number of spices and herbs obtained through the Arabian spice trade into Iberian cookery and eventually to African and American cookery particularly barbecue. Moorish seasoning techniques called for using sugar, spices, and herbs to enhance, not dominate the flavor of food. Moorish seasoning techniques directly influenced Iberian cookery from 711 to 1491 A.D. This, in turn, indirectly influenced African cookery and American cookery with the introductions of Africans to the Americas during the Atlantic slave trade. My wife made the barbecue sauce recipe below for me in our first year of marriage and the sensational taste of the sauce just smacked my mouth with pleasure. 

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