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My New Orleans Culinary Reconnaissance: Two Sisters and the Treme District

Photo of the front of Two Sisters April 2010.

After scoping out Hobnobbers I went over to the main drag on Canal Street. Ran into a brother in his late fifties sitting on the corner babbling to just about every tourist type that passed by spare change to get something to eat. I asked the self professed bicycle taxi (who looked half in the bag) named Thomas I believe if he knew of any good soul food joints nearby. “Yea, there’s Two Sisters a couple of blocks from here, tell them Thomas sent you, I use to work in the Kitchen there, they know me well,” he said. Then he added, “I can run you there on my bike, you know I am a bicycle taxi.” Observing that both he and his bike had seen better days, I passed and followed the directions he game me to Two Sisters. Say what you like, but in my experience as a traveler, locals know the best and cheapest places to eat. You must be wise as a serpent and gentile as dove when doing culinary reconnaissance (it also helps to be over six feet and 195 plus)because the majority of the time the best kept local secrets are off the beaten path tucked away in obscure neighborhoods which can be very edgy places. That’s the best way to describe the black owned and operated funky green clap-board corner home at 223 North Derbigny Street in New Orleans historic Treme district that served as the home of Two Sisters Restaurant. Here is short video about this very important neighborhood that is a must see www.tremedoc.com/. More on the history and food of Two Sisters tomorrow.

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