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Lenten Season: Dr. Alvenia Fulton A Food Pioneer We Should Know

Vegetarian chili and corn bread, recipes below
Master Herbalist Dr. Alvenia Moody Fulton held a Masters of Divinity from Greater Payne Theological Seminary in Birmingham, Alabama (she was the schools female student and graduate) and a PhD. in naturopathic medicine from Lincoln College of Naturopathy in Indianapolis.  She served as an African Methodist Episcopal pastor in Louisville, Kentucky, Birmingham, Alabama, and Manhattan, Kansas (the home of Kansas State University). She would go on to open a business/ministry on 52 Street on the south side of Chicago in a rough part of the city but the criminals protected and looked out for her. “The word on the Southside was leave that old lady alone,” she cares about us, said Dick Gregory.  In 1962, actors and activist Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee met Fulton when they went to her store while in Chicago performing Purlie Victorious. The entire cast was invited to Fulton’s store and home for dinner. “She prepared an unusual, most tasteful meal. It wasn’t until it was over that we realized that no meat had been served. The meat substitutes were delicious, fulfilling, and only a small part of the vegetables feast, topped off with a marvelous dessert and a truly believable coffee substitute.” The dinner, writes Ruby Dee, “was the beginning of a long relationship in which she changed my way of thinking about food. She not only showed me better ways to prepare and enjoy it, but also introduced me to the concept of food as medicine.” More on Fulton later but here are several recipes for vegetarian chili which was a dish on Dr. Fulton restaurant menu.

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