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British Influences on American Christmas Traditions

A classic British influenced Holiday Fruit Cake, recipes below
While doing interviews for my book Hog and Hominy I found a number of Americans with vivid memories of fruit cake from their childhood. They remind us of the British footprint on American foodways.  Clara [Bullard] Pittman, is a terrific cook born in 1948 in the very rural farming community of Pinehurst, Georgia. She recalls that on Christmas her mother made homemade fruitcake from what she grew in her yard. The children of West Indian parents I interviewed also associated childhood Christmas memories with homemade fruit cake. Making Christmas fruitcake was a long process, according to the 84 old Benjamin Outlaw. When asked what Christmas was like growing up in Windsor, North Carolina, Outlaw responded, “Oh boy, it was like heaven.” Mother “would start cooking her fruitcake, sometime about a month before Christmas. And she always made [either apple or grape] wine.” Hattie Outlaw poured the “wine on the cake until Christmas . . . building it up.” This must have worked to season the cake, “because it was the best fruitcake I have ever eaten.” Love to hear about your childhood Christmas food traditions.

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