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On the Lacrosse Field and in Life: "fake it until you make it"

Photo: This is the game program cover from our 84 Syracuse lacrosse season. That’s All American Tim Nelson (Yorktown) in orange covered by Hopkins All American and Hall of Famer John Detommaso (Farmingdale) during the 83 championship game at Rutgers University.

When we played UNC in the spring of 1984 at Loyola College in Baltimore, there was a crowd of about 5,000. This was my first game as a Syracuse Orangemen. Crowds of 200 max is what I was use to from high school and junior college. I found out that day in Baltimore that I was the kind of person that performs well in front of crowds (when I have prepared well). I get nervous but my adrenaline gets pumping and I quickly get in the zone. I get the same rush now before the start of class as a college history professor or a book event I am doing—strange but true. I loved playing sports and at some point when I hung up my cleats, I transferred that passion and love to teaching history. At our season opener that day in the spring of 1984, our SU lacrosse team was ranked #1 and UNC 3rd behind Hopkins. We came running on to the turf and I remember the announcing saying “Now the defending national champions Syracuse Orangemen!” The whole scene was surreal for me. I had come a long way as the saying goes; from virtually unknown Croton and Herkimer to playing on the number 1 ranked team in the country. Yes I was scared but after the face off I was fine. I learned important lessons in life that game and proceeding games thereafter: don’t let fear stop you from living out your dream; start even when you are nervous it’s a normal feeling but it will not last after you get going. And finally fake it until you make it—most folks can’t tell you are nervous unless you tell them.

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