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Syracuse Lacrosse Player Joins "God Squad"

Photo of the 85 SU Team, still looking for a copy of the 84 team photo.

At the beginning of spring 1984 semester I came to faith in Jesus Christ and became a regular at the Friday night Campus Bible Fellowship and a member of “the God squad,” as SU football players called us. Most of us at the fellowship were student athletes who wanted to study the bible, pray, and move beyond religion to a practical application of trusting God’s word on daily basis. And we all had hardy appetites and southern roots. I will have to share the first time I had a taste of Mrs. King’s and Bellamy’s cooking. I credit the members of the God squad with mentoring me culturally and spiritually during my two years at SU. In reflection, I patterned my black cool after them because I saw that teammates, coaches, and women respected them. Over my two years at SU I grew to hold their friendship in high regard. I don’t know what the coaches or my teammates made out of so much cultural and spiritual change in my life. I stopped going to the team parties and except for Badman and Matt Holman, my lax roommates, I did not see them much off the field. All this happened as the team was gearing up for our season opener against perennial power house UNC down in Baltimore. I enjoyed competing with my teammates on the field and liked them, but I spent my time off the field with the “God squad,” my girl friend, and the black cool scene on campus. I got along with my lacrosse teammates but I no longer sought their social acceptance. As we prepared for UNC my game improved and I still loved the game of lacrosse, but it was no longer my raison d'être.

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