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Syracuse Lacrosse Memories from the 1980s: Lax Pedigree

Photo: Dave Desko, a 2 x All American who could fly, playing in the 83 National championship victory at Rutgers.

After arriving on campus veterans and rookies like me became acquainted during shoot arounds at Manley Field House. We peppered each other with questions about our lacrosse pedigree. That is looking at the programs you came from and accessing their creditability in term of producing successful college players. Only the Yorktown guys knew anything about my high school program because Croton did not get talked about on the regional or national high school lacrosse scene. At the time our program had only produced Maryland’s Clay Johnson, and then Joe Vasta who graduated my year and went on to set records at the Air force Academy. After Joe and I, Croton players in the late 1980s like Billy Edell went on to stellar careers at schools like UMASS, Army, and Virginia. As for Herk I became the first to earn a scholarship to a prestigious program like Syracuse. After me Herk alum went on to great success at many schools. Herk players have made an impact at Syracuse, some even served as team captains. Herk alum Reggie Thorp, David Reilly, David Caughey, Alex Rosiel, Sam Bassett and David Signor all had great careers as Syracuse Orangemen. When it comes to lacrosse pedigree few schools can mess with coach Mike Messers West Genesee program. What an important feeder school for Syracuse Lacrosse. Both current cuse coaches John Desko and Kevin Donahue played for Messer and went on to become All Americans at Syracuse.

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Syracuse Lacrosse Memories from the 1980s, Recruiting Then and Now