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A Sit Down Meal in the West Point Dining Hall

Me covering Rob Hoynes in 1981 at Yorktown
When we played at West Point in March of 1983, Hall of Fame coach Paul Wehrum negotiated with West Point Coach Jack Emmer, Coach Wehrum’s college coach at Cortland State, to feed us. Emmer, another Hall of Fame coach, scheduled a game between our junior college team and his B team. The team coach Emmer fielded consisted of largely his top freshmen recruits most of them high school All Americans and sophomore cadets who needed game experience. Here we were junior college students eating in the same dining hall as the cadets. It just didn’t feel right to me. Me a guy who barely graduated from high school eating next to student who had SAT scores that doubled mine best score ever of 680! And back in the 1980s, you got about 200 points for putting your name on the exam. I remembered the food in the cadet dining hall as very bad that day back in 1983. But I was not sure so I called friend and Army lacrosse alum Rob Hoynes to get his take. Hoynes is a Yorktown (81) and Army (85) All American I played against both in high school and college. I figured he would have the scoop on the food at the point. Hoynes told me that “the food was actually very good. In fact most of us gained weight our freshmen year because it was so good; all you could eat. And it included desserts like Boston cream pie.” They ate together with their companies in a formal family dining set up. “Thursday was steak night and that was really good . . . . They also had an informal pizza night too.” Once fall lacrosse season started at the point, Hoynes and his teammates ate together at “the varsity table where we had the same food as other cadets just more of it.” So Coach Wehrum did hook us up with a good meal at the point. But I must admit, it felt strange to eat with folks so much smarter than me and all wearing the same clothes.

Shopping and Cooking from Check to Check at Herk

Weber, Herk Lacrosse, and Mamma Leone's in Manhattan