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Now that’s a Thick Shake!

Classic Thick Shaker Maker from back in the Day
As a freshmen at Herkimer County Community College I went food exploring down town early on while other teammates searched for happy hours at town watering holes. The deal with me was I never liked carbonated drinks so I stayed clear of beer or soda. When I did drink soda, I shake up until it was flat, crazy but true. I quickly discovered that the same eatery that made great wedges also made a terrific vanilla thick shake and that's where I had my happy hour. We call them smoothies today but it was the same concept back then. They made the shake so thick and rich, with more vanilla ice cream than milk, that the straw would stand at attention in the 20 once cup it came in. My lips would get tired from drawing out the cold sweet vanilla bean flavored beverage. But I never stopped piercing my lips from around that straw until the last bit when down the back my throat. The taste of the shake merited the strenuous effort and it’s something that stays with me today put in a healthier form. 

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