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Comparison Breeds Contempt: School Lunches in Croton

One of the many great Delis I grew up with in Croton-on Hudson, New York (Photo courtesy of Bill Tuttle)
As part of my back to school series I must talk about the deli food in my hometown in the late 1970s. My high School, Croton Harmon is located just up the street from the village of Croton on Old Post Road. School administrators had an open campus policy that permitted students to purchase food in the village. The fact that the school cut the hot lunch program that most other area schools had also facilitated the daily parade of students into the village in search of good but cheap eats. Now my situation was problematic to say the least because my father took on the task of making my lunch instead of forking over five dollars like allot of the parents of my classmates did. Two experiences shaped my dads view of an acceptable lunch: He never forgot the poverty he experienced as a child in the Great Depression and during the 1970s he listened to allot of Dick Gregory on the radio talking about eating to live instead of living to eat as he sat in his tower as correctional officer perched over looking the inside of Sing Sing prison and ironically a spectacular view of the Hudson River. Gregory in part inspired my dad to make me lunches with fruits and vegetables, sandwiches with whole grain bread, and "carob bars" and sesame and honey snacks he'd buy at the Chilmart Health Food store in Briarcliff for dessert. Part 2 tomorrow

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