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The Smell of Fried Chicken

Cooking Fried Chicken for Sunday Dinner, Escambia Farms, Florida, 1942, Library of Congress Photo Collection, LC-USF34- 082651-C [P&P]

There is something quintessentially home about the smell of fried chicken cooking on a Sunday afternoon in the African American home and in southern homes in general. I suspect however that that labor intensive tradition has died in most families with the older relatives that kept it going. Or perhaps a bucket of KFC and Popeye’s chicken is the smell most children are growing up with today . I realize now that the scrumptious order flowed through and out a home calling people to come eat meant a lot of hard work, love of family, and sweat of women toiling in their kitchens before the advent of central ac or window units.

Video a Butter milk based fried chicken recipe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxEhH6MPH28

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