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New Malcolm X Biography and The Tragic Death of the Author

Muhammad Ali eating with Malcolm X behind him holding a camera, recipe below. Photo from (http://www.life.com/image/imagenotavailable 
Lansing Michigan 1930s: "The bulk of the Negroes were either on Welfare, or W. P. A. or they starved. [W]e were much better off then most of the town Negroes. The reason was we raised much of our own food out there in the country where we were. Not only did we have our big garden, but we raised chickens. . . I loved [having my own garden plot] and took care of it well. I loved especially to grow peas. I was proud when we had them on our table. I would pull out the grass in my garden by hand when the first little blades came up. . . . And sometimes when I had everything straight and clean for my things to grow, I would lay down on my back between two rows and I would gaze up in the blue sky at the clouds moving and think all kinds of things." This Malcolm in his own words from the Autobiography of Malcolm X. Today Viking is publishing Manning Marble’s long awaited almost 600 page biography of Malcolm titled Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention http://www.malcolmxbio.com/. Tragically Marble, a professor at Columbia University since 1993, died on Friday after a long struggle with sarcoidosis. Like Malcolm X, Manning Marble had an influence on my decision to attend graduate school as I read is 1983 book how Capitalism Underdevelopment Black America. As a New York Times article and an obituary says, Marble’s autobiography delves into many new aspects of Malcolm X paid on the use of many sources unavailable when Alex Haley published the Autobiography of Malcolm X.

A Split-pea soup recipe for Malcolm’s childhood reflection: http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/vegetarian-split-pea-soup-recipe.html

New York Times article and an obituary:

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