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Judge Sotomayor and the Republican 8

Today President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court Judge Sonya Sotomayor will be sworn in despite the objection of 8 Republican senators. Republicans first tried to undermine the judge’s candidacy claiming that she was not intellectual enough. Such foolishness was quickly dismissed and they next moved to her activities outside of the courts to her speeches claiming she went a foul statement that a wise Latina could make more informed decisions on the court than a white male. This seemed to hurt their fragile white male egos—I say toughen up and give me break gentlemen! You may not like her as public speaker but the judge his more qualified than the folks currently seated on the court two of them you all recently confirmed. In addition, your rational for not supporting her has pushed more Hispanic voters into the Obama fold. So in the end, the President gets a much needed political victory and Republicans lose even more Hispanic voters. This truly an historic day for so many and we as a democracy have come a long way baby. As the father of a New York born four year old African American daughter I am thrilled and will be watching the swearing ceremony with her by my side.

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