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How To Avoid The Freshmen 15

How To Avoid The Freshmen 15

In the fall of 1983 I began attending SU as a recruited transfer student athlete.  Cosmos' Pizza on Marshall Street (M Street) had this great toasted Honey Bun alamode (with vanilla ice cream).  In a sport like lacrosse in which speed and quickness is everything, Cosmos' toasted honey bun and ice cream was killing me softly. If you want to avoid the freshman 15 (gaining 15 pounds your first semester and/or year on campus) I suggest you learn how to eat wisely and exercise regularly. For many students, entering college often represents the first time that they’re not competing athletically and burning lots of calories.  So how do you avoid the freshmen 15? Change requires change and you need to replace athletic competition with perhaps joining an intramural team in college or going online and finding a rigorous workout routine that works with your personality. Some people enjoy exercise classes which are available on most college campuses others prefer like me listening to podcasts and working out in the weight room and aerobic room by themselves. Taking up running or biking is a great way to learn your new community both on and off campus. There’s so many things that you will see for the first time by going on regular runs of bikes around campus and off-campus. Caution—if you’re going to do this off-campus, find out from upperclassman the areas that are safe for you to explore.  The bottom line is find something that works for you and do it regularly and eat wisely.

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