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This Week in Food Podcast

This Week in Food Podcast


Here’s a rundown of my favorite food podcast this week: Splendid Table aired an interview with one of the members of the first lunch counter sit ins that happened in Greensboro North Carolina in 1960. By the way my book Southern Food and Civil Rights is a good complement to this podcast for those of you who want more on the role of food in social movements that the entire theme of my book. Also from the Splendid Table, a story in which an iconic African-American/Southern special occasion dish becomes the impetus for a food writer to learn about her Nigerian roots. From the show Good Food out of Santa Monica California we have a segment on the history of Mormon church foodways. What I like is the culinary contrast made in the segment between the Mormon church and the Nation of Islam. You might enjoy my book Hog and Hominy; the last chapter delves into the Nation and I have an entire chapter dedicated to the nation Southern Food and Civil Rights. The final podcast looks at Boston’s history through the lens of the sugar industry.

Other People's Food and the Greensboro Four

Osayi Endolyn meets Hoppin' John

Inside the Mormon pantry

The Great Molasses Flood of 1919

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WPA Virginia Apple Butter Boiling Part 1

WPA Virginia Apple Butter Boiling Part 1

This Week in Food Podcast

This Week in Food Podcast