”I love the podcasts because they are very little about lacrosse but very much about life and growing!”

— Mark Webel, Fred Opie Show Sports Podcast listener

"Fred is a brilliant scholar and one of the most thoughtful, compassionate human beings I know.”

— Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Professor of History, Race, and Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

"Fred Opie's  podcast and blog make him a true public intellectual."

— Jeffrey M. Pilcher, Author and  Professor of History, University of Toronto

"Fred Opie's work on food and sports chronicles important cultural changes over time and place." 

— Kathleen Giblin Ray, PhD, LCSW, Assistant Professor, Ramapo College

"Fred Opie and I have worked side by side to help build FCA Lacrosse and promote its message of helping lacrosse coaches and athletes fulfill their God given potential mentally, physically, and spiritually." 

— Frank Kelly III

Fred Opie was really helpful in developing a culture of character over talent and helping all of us understand what true integrity is and how to pursue it.

— Hank Janczyk, Head Men's Lacrosse Coach, Gettysburg College

Professor Opie motivates you to do your best work, guides you out of your comfort zone, and never stops raising the bar so that you grow and improve both as a scholar and as a human being.

— Adam Kershner, Babson College Class of 2019, Presidential Scholar