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Basil Paterson and New York Food and Politics Part 1

Left to right: Media Mogul Percy Sutton, Manhattan Borough President David Dinkins and his wife, Basil Paterson, and State Senator Leon Bogues at a 1199 political fund raising dinner (Photo Courtesy of 1199). 
Harlem native, former NAACP Harlem branch president, CORE member, politician, and 1199 attorney Basil Paterson died on April 16, 2014. Between 2008 and 2012 I interviewed him along with more than fifty others for my forthcoming book Upsetting the Apple Cart: Black-Latino Coalitions in New York City from Protest to Public Office (Columbia University Press, October 2014). Paterson opened arranged interviews for me with former New York City Mayor Dinkins and his campaign manager and later chef of staff Bill Lynch. In part the book reveals the influence of Jessie Jackson’s presidential campaigns on city elections and offers a different interpretation of the story of the labor and civil rights movements than has been traditionally told. It highlights largely unknown agents of historic change in the city and the noted political insiders like Paterson, Dinkins, and Lynch. The book also discusses the role that food plays in organizing and raising support for elected officials such as Dinkins in 1989. Until Bill De Blasio’s win in fall of 2013, Dinkins had been the last Democratic elected mayor of the Big Apple. Like Chicago, registered democratic voters in New York City out number republican voters almost 6 to 1. Part 2 tomorrow.

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