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Coastal South Carolina Foodways

Shrimp Gumbo Over Carolina Rice, recipe below
Africans came to South Carolina early, both directly from Africa, and via the Caribbean, particularly Barbados. From the beginning Africans outnumbered Europeans in colonial South Carolina and they had a vivid memory of their West African cultures and culinary habits. Large numbers of Africans were imported to South Carolina to work the colony's large rice plantations. As a result, a creolized African cooking emerged in South Carolina as Africans of different nations shared their cooking techniques and developed dishes such as jambalaya, Hoppin’ John, and gumbo. As in other parts of the South, gumbo played a vital role in the diet of coastal South Carolina residents. With roots in the sub-Saharan communal rice-based dishes, gumbo was a cook’s way of making do with whatever grains, proteins, and vegetables they had on hand. 

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