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The Thanksgiving Harvest Festival Part 3

1940 Pies and Thanksgiving in Ledyard, Connecticut (Courtesy of the Library of Congress)  
By Claire Cullen

If Thanksgiving is primarily about food, its secondary function has always been to bring people together, whether as a farming community celebrating the harvest, a crowd gathered at a sporting event, or a family coming home for the holiday. We can continue this tradition today. Eating a meal together is an important part of the day, but it can be equally fun to bring the rest of the family into the kitchen to help with the preparations. Allowing the kids to make their own contribution to the meal can reawaken the spirit of a traditional harvest festival, where everyone sits down to eat a meal that they have helped to create through their work in the fields. It is also a great chance to show your children that good food can be fun and to teach them some important culinary skills. You can find some tips on cooking with children in the Licensed Prescriptions guide located here, which suggests you prepare for mess and allow plenty of extra time. Hurrying through the preparation and taking too much of the work upon yourself can make Thanksgiving stressful, so it helps to see the preparation as part of the fun of the holiday, not just as a chore that has to be done to get the food on the table.

*Claire Cullen is a Free Lance Writer

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