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History of The Thanksgiving Harvest Festival Part 1

By Claire Cullen

The story of Thanksgiving is quintessentially American, and we all have our own family traditions and recipes associated with it, but there is a long history of harvest and thanksgiving festivals around the world that predates our modern holiday. Many of us have conflicted feelings about celebrating a holiday that has such a close association with the mistreatment of native peoples by the first European immigrants to our country, but if we look beyond the meal we commonly think of it as the first Thanksgiving, we can see more of what this celebration is really about. We can't ignore the negative side of Thanksgiving history, but the modern holiday plays a valuable role in bringing families and communities together. It can also help us to remember how important harvest celebrations have always been to communities around the world who are entering the dark winter months, grateful for the stores that they have built up during the Fall harvest. We can use Thanksgiving as a chance to reconnect with the seasonal cycle and with a past more ancient than the Mayflower.

*Claire Cullen is a Free Lance Writer

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