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Stumping and Eating at Masbia Kitchen in Borough Park, Brooklyn

The 2013 Republican nominee for mayor of New York City Joe Lhota, made a campaign visit to Masbia, a soup kitchen that caters to Jews and gentiles in the Borough Park Hasidic Jewish community of Brooklyn. Lhota made the mistake of trying to shake the hand of an orthodox Jewish woman volunteering at the kitchen who politely told him she doesn’t shake men’s hands. He tried it again with another woman and received the same response. He next donned an apron and began to help volunteers serve food--which would have been an ideal photo opportunity until he called out to a female Wall Street Journal reporter, “little girl from the New York Post, you want chicken?” The reporter replied, “Me? I’m from the Wall Street Journal.” A community resident at the soup kitchen summed up her take away of Lhota asking, “Why was he offering her soup kitchen food”? Why did he refer to her as “little girl”? He thinks he’s a politician? 

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