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Finger Food, Part 4 Burritos

Tortilla chips, salsa and a burrito, lots of related links below (photo from http://nycfoodguy.com/) 
As graduate student I spent a couple of months doing archival research around the U. S. and Central America and I ate allot of finger food.  I did research at Huntington Library at Stanford University which had a tremendous collection of sources, and some great eateries on campus. The Tree House http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-treehouse-palo-alto became my favorite spot for burritos big enough to split in half in eat for lunch and dinner. Like allot of ethnic foods, the Burrito is an example of immigrants creating a dish that appeals to North Americans who think they are eating authentic food from another country. Burritos are part of the Mexican American food lexicon and they are not popularly made and sold in Mexico. 

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