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Go Fish, Native American Culture and Chesapeake Cookery

Broiled fish, recipe below
We start a new series today called Go Fish. Arthur Barlowe participated in the 1584 English exploration of the Chesapeake region of Virginia. He and other members of the expedition attended a feast at Chief Wingina’s village on Roanoke Island. Like many West and Central African societies, Native Americans in the Chesapeake region ate largely a vegetarian diet and used fish and especially venison as seasoning in one pot meals. However, on special occasions, like the arrival of honored guest, meat and or fish would be gorged on. Barlowes guest of honor meal included prepared root vegetables, fruit, grape wine, and a “fish, broiled on the coales [sic], much like white Salmon . . . .” Here is a sensational summer broiled fish recipe that seems most appropriate for this fish series.

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