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This Week’s Best Foodways and Food History

Food Historian Frederick Douglass Opie of Babson College and a Fellow at Harvard's WEB Dubois Institute shares his favorite mp3 downloads and documentaries this week that focus on Asian American Foodways.

Interview with Historian Andrew Coe [Listen 33 min 39 sec] http://www.wbez.org/episode-segments/chop-suey-cultural-history-chinese-food-us

Hmong Foodways and More: [Listen 35 min 16 sec] http://www.eatfeed.com/beyond-cheeseheads-in-the-wintry-north/

Interview with Eddie Huang and More: [Listen Now] http://www.kcrw.com/etc/programs/gf/gf130316baking_with_beer_coo

China Going Nuts Over Texan Pecans: http://kut.org/2012/10/exporting-texas-tastes-to-china/

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