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Culinary Documentary Soul Food Junkies Airs on PBS

Watch Historian and Professor of History Frederick Douglass Opie in the New PBS Documentary Soul Food Junkie Tonight on PBS at 10 pm. Here is excerpt of an interview with Film Maker Bryon Hurt of Soul Food Junkies. What led you to make this film? My dad’s obesity and eating habits concerned me for years. When he got sick with pancreatic cancer, I automatically looked at his eating habits and lifestyle as the cause. I also saw how difficult it was for him to change his eating habits and give up eating certain foods that were high in fat and calories, so I decided to make Soul Food Junkies to explore the subject of soul food and black people’s connection to this cuisine. What scene in the film especially moved you?  The scene of my father – who was ill at that time – giving a toast to my wife and me at our wedding reception. Following scene there is a long shot of him and my sister walking away on the beach on Hilton Head Island just before we learn that he died from pancreatic cancer. I cried like a baby. What has the audience response been so far? Positive, I sat in one screening where an elderly black woman talked throughout the entire movie saying, “Yep!” “That’s right!” “Uh huh.” “That’s exactly right!” That was particularly gratifying to me. It meant I hit the nail right on the head.

Soul Food Junkies Press Release and List of Participants: http://www.itvs.org/films/soul-food-junkies/photos-and-press-kit

Watch Soul Food Junkies in Your Area: http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/broadcast.html

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